Monday, January 10, 2011

Running with Scissors

I love it when I try something for the first time. Reality has a real nice way of putting me in my place and showing my short-comings.
1. Decide to cut my hair. I butcher it to the point that my friend had to rescue me. A hair stylist I am not.
2. I bought a preschool workbook for Lil man. I dont have the patience that it obviously takes to teach my son. I hate repeating myself. A teacher I am not.
3. I was considering making bows, tutus etc for Lexi. I was ok at the actual making of tutus, never had money to try bow making. However I never had enough tulle for a real good tutu. A crafter I am not.
4. Looking to find something to help bring income while lex is an infant, I decided to bake cakes. I burnt the two cakes I was doing for Landon's birthday and they were super crumbally. I gad to buy new cake mix. I didnt even bother trying fondant. A baker I am not.
But like all things in life, there is a ggod side. There is something I am good at. I can recall medical information in a blink of an eye, even coming up with solutions for things that Ive never dealt with. I may not be cut out to teach, bake, cut hair, or create works of art, but I ,ay be cut out for the medical field. One day I will get to find out. But until that day comes, Im a stressed out SAHM trying her best to keep it together even when the idea of running with scissors sounds appealing.

The View

Why is ok to be pro-choice, but not okay to be pro-life? Both are simply just views of a topic; both deserve respect. I am pro-life but I believe in having a choice in the matter. Do I tell those who think differently than me that they are wrong, dumb, or misinformed? No because my opinion is just that- an opinion. Yes, a woman should have a choice in what she does with her body but at the same time, the life that is growing within her didn't have a choice in being created. This is where I struggle with the whole 'life vs choice' debate. I don't think a woman should give up her body but at the same time...I just can't imagine ending a life before it's even began.
Another often debated topic is how a child is fed. WHY does it even matter? Does it accompish anything to tear a woman down for nourshing her child the way she sees fit? Not everyone wants to breastfeed (or can, for that matter) and not everyone that breastfeeds wants to use formula. Sure, breastfeeding has benefits. I nursed my first born and am currently breastfeeding number 2. At the end of the day what should matter is that a child has a full belly, clothes, and a safe place to rest their head at night. I would rather build a woman up, to help her be the best mother she can be than to tear her down simply because she chose a different path than I did.
Religion is another one. Just because I chose to believe in God does not make me dumb or disillusioned. It just means that I chose to go a different way. I feel in my heart that God is real, that the Bible was INSPIRED by Him, etc etc. I don't see how telling people that what they believe in is idiotic when in fact there is no proof to back up either side. It's all about faith. Some believe that God doesn't exist, others do. Those who believe aren't hurting anyone -in general- for thinking that there is Something or Someone out there capable of such mercy and love. (Yes, I know all about God smiting the does say He is a jealous God) I have atheist friends and family. Never in a million years will you ever see me tell them that they are going to hell for believing differently than me. I can't be 100% certain God/Heaven/Hell are real. I can only live my life the way I feel I should.
I could go on and on about this vs that but it all seems to boil down to one thing: everyone wants their view to be the ONLY one. They can't be wrong because then everything they believed in would be wrong. The beauty of having a brain is the ability to use it- to choose what we want to do with our lives. It shouldn't matter who we fall in love with, the lives that are (or aren't) brought into this world, what religion we choose to follow, or how we feed our children. We are all human beings, capable of error but also capable of love and compassion. Isn't it time we started showing that?