Monday, January 10, 2011

Running with Scissors

I love it when I try something for the first time. Reality has a real nice way of putting me in my place and showing my short-comings.
1. Decide to cut my hair. I butcher it to the point that my friend had to rescue me. A hair stylist I am not.
2. I bought a preschool workbook for Lil man. I dont have the patience that it obviously takes to teach my son. I hate repeating myself. A teacher I am not.
3. I was considering making bows, tutus etc for Lexi. I was ok at the actual making of tutus, never had money to try bow making. However I never had enough tulle for a real good tutu. A crafter I am not.
4. Looking to find something to help bring income while lex is an infant, I decided to bake cakes. I burnt the two cakes I was doing for Landon's birthday and they were super crumbally. I gad to buy new cake mix. I didnt even bother trying fondant. A baker I am not.
But like all things in life, there is a ggod side. There is something I am good at. I can recall medical information in a blink of an eye, even coming up with solutions for things that Ive never dealt with. I may not be cut out to teach, bake, cut hair, or create works of art, but I ,ay be cut out for the medical field. One day I will get to find out. But until that day comes, Im a stressed out SAHM trying her best to keep it together even when the idea of running with scissors sounds appealing.

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