Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ya Give me Fever

Isn't amazing how it always seems as if a bunch of your friends drank from the same well and in turn wind up pregnant? I know groupings like that is bound to happen if you know more than one person but it never ceases to amaze me. Getting on Facebook is like watching seasons come and soon as one friend posts that they're expecting you can bet it won't be too long before someone else posts the same thing.

Currently I know of at least seven that are expecting and two that have had their little ones within the past few weeks. Seeing all these babies makes me look at my two and think, "Aw. It'd be great to have another one!" Mind you, I am not one to jump a bandwagon however I still have my moments of weakness. When the kids are playing and laughing, sleeping like angels in THEIR beds, or just doing something that I think is cute usually causes me to get a case of baby fever.

I absolutely adore my babies and wouldn't give them up for anything in this world. With that said, I know that if I were to have another one right now Im not so certain I could atest to my mental stability. Having two is a lot of work and I'm sure any number would have it's moments. I just don't think that right now would be a good time to drown myself. Haha.

Landon will be five in December and Lexi is only one. We live in a tin can on the north side of town. Not exactly the ideal situation for three babinos. I'm usually reminded of my downfalls when the kids are having a metldown at the same time. Or when Lex is throwing one of her ragdoll tantrums. Hopefully in the future things will look much better. Then we can sit down and decide if one more brat, I mean, kid, is in our future. I guess until then I'll just suffer with my baby fever. ;)

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